frequently asked questions

Maston often receives questions about how to correctly use a product. We've gathered a list of questions and answers below.
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Frequently asked questions

RUBBERcomp tinned paint and spray paint, do you have any instructions?
Using Maston RUBBERcomp paints and sprays. RUBBERcomp is suitable for all surfaces (except styrox) and you can remove it simply by peeling it off. If you are painting white over dark, first apply a couple of coats of white base coats. The tin of paint will keep, opened, for a year if you add a little thinner (RUBBERcomp Thinner 450 ml) to the surface. If you are painting with a gun, here are mixing instructions: 70% w/w RUBBERcomp (according to weight), 30% w/w thinner RUBBERcomp, 76.5% v/v (according to volume) RUBBERcomp, 23.5% v/v thinner RUBBERcomp (= 1 litre RUBBERcomp + 0.3 l RUBBERcomp thinner), Pressure 2.5 - 3.0 bar, nozzle size 1.4 mm (W= Weight, V= volume)

What cleaning agent do you recommend for wheels painted with RUBBERcomp?
RUBBERComp is a 1-component paint and strong degreasing agents or cleaning agents with a high pH value should not be used. We recommend car shampoo and water.

Can I apply a "clear" varnish over the semigloss black RUBBERcomp?
Yes you can, it will make the surface glossy. When applying varnish, wait approximately 10-20 minutes between each coat until the surface is "dust-dry".

I painted a surface with RUBBERcomp but it looks and feels like orange peel, why?
The painting distance for Maston RUBBERcomp is max. 20 cm. We recommend a distance of 15-20 cm, thin layers of paint, and preferably 4 layers.

How will RUBBERcomp react if I apply e.g. Maston clear varnish or other "normal paint" over it?
The paint will no longer come away from the surface, and it will become "normal paint".  We recommend RUBBERcomp transparent gloss/matt spray/tinned paint..

The product information states: "remains flexible for its entire service life, does not crack or become brittle even in extreme weather conditions." What is the expected service life? 
The service life of RUBBERcomp depends on what you are coating. A sufficiently thick coat, sprayed onto the outer surface of a car for example, will last a few years, but it is not a permanent coating.

Will RUBBERcomp stick to EPDM rubber?
The surface of RUBBERcomp is soft, so it cannot withstand very high levels of wear or continuous friction. The adhesive properties fo rubber are excellent, so it sticks to EPDM rubber. The rubber's properties are fairly similar to those of EPDM rubber, but it's a little bouncier, its resistance to weather and ozone are more limited, its durability is better and its gas-tightness properties are better than those of EPDM rubber. 

What instructions do you have for brush painting with RUBBERcomp?
It's not necessary to thin first before applying with a brush; the surface will be fairly even without thinning. We always recommend several layers in order to achieve a sufficiently thick coat. It covers approximately 6-8 m2 per litre applied once to an even surface.