Maston liquid paints are suitable for both the brush and spray gun application. The product line-up includes both general and special paints. Maston liquid paints can be used in combination with the Maston spray paints. Please select the same type of the product from both lines, for example 400 °C heat resistant paint and spraypaint 400 °C. For large areas, we recommend liquid paints, for smaller and more complex objects spray paints are more convenient in use.

Filler / Putty / Sealing

  • FIller 2,5 l

    FIller 2,5 l

    Maston Filler is ready-to-use for large indoor surfaces, for example, doors and walls. Easy to grind (P100-P120). Clean and prime painted surfaces and rust proof metal surfaces before applying the filler. Working temperature +5–+50 °C. Drying time of approximately two hours (approximately 1 mm/h). Tools should be washed with water. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from freezing

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  • Quick Filler 200ml

    Quick Filler 200ml

    Maston Quick Filler is a white, ready-mixed, extra fine hand filler for woodwork. Use the product when filling frames doors, hatches and suchlike indoors. Good adhesive, strength and building properties make the smoothed surface an excellent base coat for joinery and gloss paint. INSTRUCTIONS Apply by hand on clean, dry and firmly attached surfaces at a minimum temperature of +5°C. The filled surface is sanded when it has dried. Use sandpaper with particle size 100-120. Eye protection and a dust mask are recommended when sanding. Dust off before the next treatment. Filled surfaces should be primed before wallpapering. Tools are to be cleaned in water. Large volumes of waste can be deposited as normal refuse at municipal refuse facilities. The plastic in the packaging is recyclable and must therefore be taken to the appropriate recycling point or municipal recycling plant Drying time +20°C: 1 - 2 h The drying time is dependent on substrate, layer thickness, temperature, air humidity etc. Coverage: 0.5 mm thin coat plastering = approx. 0.5 litre/m2. Working temperature : +5 - +50 ° C.

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