Maston liquid paints are suitable for both the brush and spray gun application. The product line-up includes both general and special paints. Maston liquid paints can be used in combination with the Maston spray paints. Please select the same type of the product from both lines, for example 400 °C heat resistant paint and spraypaint 400 °C. For large areas, we recommend liquid paints, for smaller and more complex objects spray paints are more convenient in use.

Product information

Rust Stop 200ml

Rust Stop 200ml

Corrosion prevention and protection - Product number: 607600

Maston Rust Stop anti-corrosive agent puts an efficient end to corroding.

For optimum results:

Clean the surface to be treated thoroughly from any dirt, oil and loose rust. Stir the agent carefully and apply to the corroding surface using a hard brush. Within moments the treated surface starts to go black. This is a sign that the rust prevention process has begun. Depending on the conditions and surfaces, corroding process stops within 1-3 hours after treatment (+20). Polish any unevenness in the surface. Remove the dust and clean the surface with Maston Acetone. Subsequent treatment can apply fillers, rust protection primers or ordinary primers.

Work temperature: +8 - +35 °C.

Use water for washing the tools.

Coverage: 20 m2/l